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Discoverer Air Vehicle (AV) follows the build and design ethos of our entire fleet of systems. Benefiting from many of the advanced build features of the Discoverer II system, the Discoverer delivers customer focused sensor capabilities with exceptional endurance. UMS can offer advice and deliver the optimum sensor fit to fulfil the customer’s specific required role. Small form factor, yet highly capable electro-optical sensors such as Day TV, LWIR, MWIR and SWIR are all offered for this platform. Additionally, tactical lasers, geo mapping and various auto track modes are also available if required.
Unmanned Systems continues to research innovative technological and intellectual approaches to continually improve your mission effectiveness. Software enhancements such as EO/IR automatic motion detection and image stabilization in addition to sensor cross-cue, novel CONOPS and tactical procedures all aid in maximizing the effectiveness of your chosen payload configuration.
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High-performance Airborne
Multi-sensor Thermal ImagingSystem

UMS is not tied to any sensor vendor and so is ideally suited to ensuring the best possible solution to your requirements. Example payload configuration EO/IR shown but fully customisable with alternate sensors to meet your needs.